Civil Engineering Scientific Journal

Civil Engineering Scientific Journal (CESJ) is a scientific journal published by the Civil Engineering Study Program, University of Borneo Tarakan. CESJ is a forum for civil engineering students to publish scientific works, research results, literature, and analytical studies that focus on the field of civil engineering. CESJ published three times a year (January, May, and September). The focus and scope of this journal are structural engineering, concrete & building material, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, water resources engineering & coastal engineering, construction engineering & management. CESJ has P-ISSN 2962-3308 and E-ISSN 2963-1335

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Vol 2, No 3 (2023): Civil Engineering Scientific Journal

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Edy Utomo, Asta Asta
Andi Huldayani, Iif Ahmad Syarif
Ahmad Hernadi, Zikri Alstony
Fuad Harwadi, Nurmalasari Nurmalasari
Sabir Sabir, Iif Ahmad Syarif