General Guidelines

  1. The article can be product of researches, scientific thoughts or case study, in civil engineering and isn’t formed by politics, commercialism, and subjectivity unsure.
  2. Author has to put high respect on scientific conduct by comprehensing the benefit and risk of the published article.
  3. All matters relating to the use of the software, quotations and copyrights, as well as the legal consequences made by the author, are entirely the responsibility of the author.
  4. Author is not allowed to do double manuscript submission into journal or any of publication medias simultaneously.
  5. Author is obligated to fill in a statement letter which explains that the article has not been published yet in any kind of journals or conferences/ seminar. The example of statement letter can be downloaded on the statement letter link or in the format of doc.

 Writing Guidelines

  1. Published article is prepared by using template manuscripts submission.
  2. Download article template format from
  3. Article can be written in English or Indonesian. Article written in Indonesian should be based on The Enhanced Indonesian Spelling System and the words used in the article should be referred to the normative language (referred to Indonesian dictionary), meanwhile for English, it needs to be checked by using spell checker (English-American).
  4. Manuscript Style & Format


    Name of author co-authors (without title)




    Materials & Methods or Procedures

    Result and Discussion


    Acknowledgment (opsional)


  5. The limitation of page is 7-15 pages.
  6. Reference in the narration and references have to be based on article template format.
  7. All pictures, graphics, and tables displayed have to follow script font-style and need to have good quality.
  8. Published article has to be free of misconduct, including fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism or autoplagiarism.