Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

To maintain the quality of the papers and avoid violations, the editor team of Borneo Journal of Biology Education (BJBE) implements publication ethics for scientific journal. The ethics are based on the regulation of the head of science institute number 5 year of 2014 about scientific publication ethics. The ethic document describes the ethics for every person involved in the publication process including the authors, editors, reviewers, and the editorial board members.

Every person involved in the publication should respect and the publication ethics that consist of:

  1. Neutrality, means free from conflict of interest in managing the publication
  2. Fairness, means giving the copyright to the author, and
  3. Honesty, means ensuring that the publication is free from duplication, fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism

Editors of Borneo Journal of Biology Education (BJBE)

  1. The journal editor should have editorial staff, resources, and funding for the sustainability of the journal including publishing, licensing, other legality aspects, networking, and marketing.
  2. The journal publisher should have journal management guidelines, reviewing the policy, and informing to the authors, editorial board members, reviewers, and readers.
  3. The journal editors are responsible for publishing the papers after the review process, editing, and formatting in accordance with scientific journal rules and publish accepted papers regularly
  4. To create comfortable atmosphere, the publisher should guarantee the freedom of academic for editors and reviewers to work on their duties
  5. The journal editors should protect and guarantee the copyright
  6. The journal editors should publish and market the published papers to the societies by providing the guarantee of the implications of the papers
  7. Respecting the confidentiality of the researchers, authors, editors, and the reviewers.
  8. Implementing norms and provisions of copyright

The Ethics for the Editors

The editors ensure that the holistic review process, transparent, objective, fairness, and thoughtful in making decision related to accepting or rejecting a manuscript.

  1. The editors are responsible for making decision regarding publishing papers through editorial board member meeting considering legal requirement related to defamation, copyright violation, duplication, data fabrication, data falsification, and plagiarism.
  2. the process of reviewing and accepting the manuscript, the editorial board members consider the equality in making decision for publishing the manuscript without discriminating the ethnicity, religion, nationality, or political ideology.
  3. The editorial members will not reveal the information related tot he manuscript submitted tot he journal without permission from the author
  4. The manuscripts that are rejected will not be used for the journal and will be returned tot he authors
  5. The editors should be bridging the readers’ needs and and authors
  6. Encouraging the authors to improve and revise the manuscripts so it can be feasible for publication.
  7. Considering the process of ensuring the quality of published papers
  8. Bringing up the freedom in expressing opinions objectively
  9. Expressing correction, clarification, withdrawal, and apology if needed.
  10. Responsible for writing style and format of the manuscript, while the content and statements in the manuscripts in the responsibility of the authors
  11. Open minded to the new opinion from other people or researchers that might be different from their personal opinion. Do not strict to the

The Ethics for the Reviewers

The reviewers review the papers honestly, objectively, unbiased, independent, sticking to the basic principles and scientific analysis and the truth.

  1. The reviewers help the editors finding out the best papers for publication and help the authors to improve the quality of the paper
  2. The reviewers based on their expertise should be critical in reviewing the manuscripts and open minded, and keep the information confidence
  3. The reviewers have eagerness to improve the quality of the manuscripts
  4. Responsible for reviewing the manuscripts from the editors of BORNEO JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY EDUCATION (BJBE) and informing the review results as the consideration in determining appropriateness of the scientific work based on:
    1. Scientific rules
    2. The allocated time
    4. Re-review the scientific work after being revised based on the standard
    5. Encourage the authors to revise the manuscript by giving critics, suggestions, and recommendations
    6. Respecting the authors’ privacy by not sharing the review results
    7. The reviewers should not review a paper that he/she is involved in doing the research or writing the paper direct or indirect
    8. Ensuring truthfulness, novelty, and authenticity
    9. The usefulness of the paper for the development of science and technology and innovation is the priority
    10. Understanding the impact of the scientific work for scientific development
    11. Free from religion, political, nationality, gender, commercial intervention, and from other relations resulting in non-objective recommendations
    12. Understand confidentiality of the scientific work
    13. The critics should not be personal
    14. Should not communicate with the authors/sponsor
    15. Should not use the scientific work being reviewed for their own personal business
    16. Should not publish the papers being reviewed

The Ethics for the Author

  1. The authors should write their ideas or research clearly, honestly, without any duplication, data fabrication, data falsification, and plagiarism
  2. The author should provide information related to the process and result of the research to the editorial team honestly, clearly, thoroughly, and saving the research data appropriately and safely
  3. The authors should ensure that the submitted manuscript to the editors is the original manuscript, written by the author based on their genuine ideas, and not copying other people’s work
  4. The authors should inform the editor that the manuscript that is submitted to the journal never been submitted and published elsewhere
  5. The authors should inform the editors as soon as possible if they found any incorrect information in the manuscript, either from the review results or editing process. Incorrect information included name, affiliation, citation, and the others that influences the meaning and substantial aspects of the scientific work. If this happens the authors should propose manuscript revision.
  6. The authors should understand the publication ethics to avoid conflict of interest with other parties therefore the manuscript can be processed appropriately
  7. The authors are responsible for proposing a confirmation of the manuscript
  8. The authors should present the reference from other researchers they refer for citation
  9. The authors should write the manuscripts by considering the ethics, honestly, and responsibly, according to the rules for scientific writing
  10. The authors agree that the manuscript is edited during the review process and layout without changing the substance or main idea of the article

After reading the publication ethics, please download the Statement of Ethics and Copyright Agreement. Please sign and upload the Statement Letter (Ethics and Copyright Agreement) along with the Manuscript and CV on the submission tab.