Borneo Journal of Biology Education (BJBE)

Borneo Journal Of Biology Education (BJBE), Journal of Biology Education is a scientific journal of the Department of Biology Education, Borneo University of Tarakan. The scope of this journal is related to studies in biological science and teaching and learning biology, as well as their future implication. BJBE publishes articles related to ideas and studies in biology and biology education concerning national education purposes. This journal publishes articles biannually, which is in April and October.

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Vol 6, No 1 (2024): April

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Euis Trisni Sulistyowati, Iftirasy Isnaturrokhmi, Dini Naila Ihsani, Alfito Rizki Jeremia Syah Putra, Jeannifer Deni Fernanda, Taufik Rahman, Tri Suwandi